Workshop 4

Transfer entropy - an information theoretic tool of choice for brain research

Chair: Zbigniew R. Struzik

Speakers: Zbiginiew R. Struzik, Daniele Marinazzo, Demian Battaglia, and Michael Wibral

The brain processes information. This statement borders on trivial rhetoric, yet it is only within the past decade that brain research has adopted the information theoretic methodology to address the problem of how information is processed in the brain. Transfer entropy is such an information theoretic measure, adopted from physics, allowing for detection and characterisation of inherently nonlinear coupling between dynamical systems exchanging information. In addition the methodology of transfer entropy allows for the determination of the directionality of this coupling and, in effect, the directionality of the flow of information. Numerous studies using this methodology have already shown the unique suitability of the methodology for revealing the brain's informational connectivity. The workshop will be devoted to reporting recent progress and forecasting future prospects of the method developed around the concept of transfer entropy. In particular, the possibility of applications of transfer entropy to reveal the modular and multiscale organisation of the brain's topological and functional connectivity will be addressed.

Session: Thursday, August 29th 10:20-12:10