Workshop 1

Analysis and Interpretation of Massively Parallel Electrophysiological Data

Chair: Sonja Grün

Speakers: Nicholas HatsopoulosJonathan PillowRob KassMatteo Carandini

Probing the organization of interactions within and across neuronal populations is a promising approach to understanding the principles of brain processing. The rapidly advancing technical capabilities to record from hundreds of neurons in parallel open up new possibilities to disentangle the correlative structure within neuronal networks. However, the complexity of these massive data streams calls for novel, tractable analysis tools that exploit the parallel aspect of the data. Due to the fundamental computational and theoretical difficulties in describing interactions within a large set of neurons scientists are in search for the optimal models and mathematical tools to tackle this challenge. This workshop should showcase a few of these different approaches.

Session: Tuesday, August 27th 10:20-12:10